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I am delighted that we have found each other. I deeply wish it was under different circumstances, but I am grateful to meet you and have you here with me. 


I started Confessions of Miscarriage, because on the Sunday morning I woke up bleeding, I knew in my gut I was in for heartache. For weeks prior, I had felt something was wrong; knew something was wrong and here it was, the bloody proof. I frantically searched every google phrase I could think of for miscarriage signs, symptoms and stories. Surprisingly, none fit what I was experiencing. For as vast as the internet is, there was no space for first hand accounts of miscarriages; before, during and after. 


The next day I received the answer I already knew, I was miscarrying for the third time. Confessions of Miscarriage is a project of love where I hope that by sharing my first hand experiences along with the resources that helped me personally, I would be able to bring comfort to a woman in her time of need. I promise to share everything, the good, the bad, the gory and all that comes in between so that my pain and my loss will mean something by helping you. 

I hope that what you find here is a safe and comforting place. A space for every woman who has endured one of life’s greatest heartaches that is miscarriage... A place to be hears, supported, encouraged and loved. Let's join together to use our voices in speaking out about miscarriage and breaking down the walls that make it one of society's taboos. 

Erika Parrish


I live in Southern California with my wonderful husband and our 3 miniature schnauzers: Scotty, Katie & Seger. 

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