Miscarriage Has Robbed Me Of...

Miscarriage Has Robbed Me Of...

My Sense of Self. I was once confident and carefree.

My Friendships. People don't seem to understand the new me.

My Peace. I constantly think what will happen next?

My Emotional Control. I can't seem to keep them in check.

My Ability to Focus. My mind always goes back to you.

For what am I really if I don't have you?

My Society. I feel distance and isolation.

My Confidence. Words and thoughts are met with hesitation.

My Blissful Ignorance of Pregnancy. Now excitement is overcome with dread.

My Sense of Motherhood. My babies all are dead.

My Fate. What if the future just repeats the past?

My Family Timeline. How long will this last?

My biggest fear is what if I can't?

This taboo has robbed me of so many pieces.

Yet here I am.

Caught between my past and present traces.

Determined to sort out all the unseen parts of me, while still remembering what once could be.

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